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VR Sprint

Meet Your Team in the Metaverse

Experience online collaboration in a new dimension.


VR Sprint

Meet Your Team in the Metaverse

At Silicon.Garden, we are on a mission to advance online collaboration and foster global community. With our VR Sprint we take your team on a 2 week VR fueled experience and help establish a new collaboration space. Independent of physical boundaries—a space for imagination, immersion, and coming together.

> Great for Team Building <

> Product Strategy and Roadmaps <

> Product and Business Design <

> or Sketching Prototypes in 3D <

During the upskilling period we equip all team members with the necessary tools and training for VR, regardless of prior experience. VR is for everyone, no matter the location or physical condition.


2 weeks of actual sprint work, 1 week of onboarding and 1 week of transfer, 4 weeks in total.

VR Sessions

50min each, several times per week. Effort ca. 1-10h per participant per week. 5-20 participants per session.


State-of-the-art VR Headset provided,  1 month of rental included


Depending on needs we use RAUM, Engage or Glue

How it works

How it works

Before we start, we align on the goals of the VR Sprint. Do you want to improve team collaboration?​ Deep dive on a wicked problem together? Escape the hamster wheel and try something totally different? Improve team spirit through an immersive experience? We will figure out together! Also we will clarify a couple of legal issues such as data privacy and protection. 

Silicon.Garden's VR Sprint
Silicon.Garden's VR Sprint

A Four Week VR Experience

The full VR experience spans four weeks. Week one is reserved for upskilling and getting accustomed to the technology. Weeks two and three are the actual sprint weeks where the magic happens. You will immerse yourself in several VR sessions per week and get actual sprint work done in entirely new ways. Week four is for transitioning. You can still use your VR equipment and make your own experiences with it.

Upskilling for VR Collaboration

​Week one focuses on up-skilling, regardless of the teams' prior experience with VR technology. VR equipment is mailed to each team member, accompanied by instructions for self-setup, with backup devices readily available if needed. Team members can participate in on-demand individual onboarding sessions, as well as a group session designed to familiarize them with the VR environment and learn basic tasks such as navigating the virtual space and drawing sketches. The week concludes with a group debrief to ensure everyone is prepared and aligned for the challenges of the VR Sprint.

Sprint Work  - 2 Weeks

The VR Sprint is where the actual work takes place. We begin by aligning all team members on the goals of the VR Sprint and explaining the process, which typically starts with a team planning session and concludes with a retrospective. If you already work in sprints, like many Scrum teams, it makes sense to synchronize the VR sprint with your existing rhythm. One of your sprints will simply transition into a VR sprint with the sprint goals alined. This could include strategy and roadmap, team collaboration, product design, business model design, or sketching prototypes in 3D, among many other possibilities. At the end of the VR Sprint, we will conclude with a review of our achievements and a retrospective. We will collaborate with your managers, coaches and Scrum Masters to decide who is facilitating each part of the process. A certified metaverse facilitator will be present for every VR session to ensure that the team maximizes the benefits of the technology and to guarantee everyone's safety and health.

Transition Period

​A VR Sprint is a transformative experience for every team. A new collaboration space with its own rules has been introduced, and team members have met and interacted in entirely new ways. Your team can use the equipment for an additional week as they wish, without a facilitator, to run their own experiments and see what works best for them. We will conclude the transition period with a group session and lay out the path forward. This path leads to a new space, a space for imagination, immersion, and coming together.



When is VR a good choice?
VR is ideal for addressing complex challenges, ensuring messages are impactful, and enjoying shared experiences. It offers everyone, regardless of location, time zone, or physical condition, the opportunity to engage in an immersive and transformative experience.

Who will facilitate our online sessions?

A certified VR facilitator from Silicon.Garden will be present at every session to ensure a great VR experience for participants. Depending on the goals of the VR sprint, coaches from Silicon.Garden or your company may facilitate sessions. We offer special VR training and coaching for your facilitators beforehand.

How long do VR sessions last?
We recommend starting with sessions no longer than 50 minutes, with a maximum of four sessions per day. VR can be mentally taxing, and fatigue may only become noticeable after the session.

How about motion sickness?

Motion sickness varies among individuals. We design our sessions with participants' health in mind and will not challenge their capabilities. We prioritize respecting each participant's physical condition and offer techniques to minimize discomfort. Participants can also opt out of VR sessions and participate via a web browser if needed.

What are limitations of VR?

VR can be mentally exhausting; therefore, sessions longer than one hour are not recommended. Longer activities should be segmented, similar to how they would be in in-person settings, to achieve the best results but with longer rest periods.

What exact device is being used?

Our standard device is a state-of-the-art version of the Meta Quest Series. Professional Editions are available at extra cost. The exact number and version of devices is subject your needs and availability and will be clarified upfront. 

What is Pre-Installed on the device?
You will receive the device in vanilla factory settings for reasons of data privacy and protection. We will install everything needed together during the Onboarding period.

Can I use the equipment for private purposes, such as playing games during the rental period?
You are free to use the equipment for personal purposes. We do not have technical means to monitor usage. Please use the equipment responsibly and adhere to compliance regulations, such as data privacy and protection, as agreed upon during the onboarding process.


Am I allowed to install apps of my choice on the device?
The device will be provided in factory settings, and you can customize it to meet your needs during the onboarding period. We do not have the capability to monitor installations. 
Please use the equipment responsibly and adhere to compliance regulations, as agreed upon during the onboarding process.

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Do you want to try it out or have questions? Drop us a message, or give us a quick call. We're sure we can get this kicked off in no time. Here are the contact details of our sales team.

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