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Grow beyond the box.

At Silicon.Garden, we build global digital ventures for thriving life on a healthy planet by supercharging net positive innovation. 



As a remote-first business design and development studio, we create net-positive products and ventures to elevate your digital game and fix the planet.


It's not difficult. Follow global goals. Listen to users. Trust your experts and test before diving in. Sounds simple, right? It is if you're willing to step outside the box. Let's figure out how together.


Sign up with, one of our portfolio startups, for AI advice on sustainable business design.

Or embark on an innovation sprint with us and test your business idea within three weeks.

Trusted for over two decades. 



Our Academy is where it's at if you want to level up your skills and mindset to transform not only your digital business but the world we live in! Let us help you upskill and up-mind your game.

Get in touch!

Do you want to work with us, have some ideas you want to share, or have a question? We are more than happy to have a conversation with you about how we can grow together.

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