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Team Horizon
by Silicon.Garden

Growing Renewables.

We help you to build and develop your renewable energy business, taking you from idea to the end-users' digital experience.

How we do it

The start of your digital change

As change agents we start digital transformation where it matters most. With digital products delivered to actual users. We bring the global talent and skills to take your platform from idea to end user. As Team Horizon we are specialized on climate action platforms. Here's what we can do for you:

Business Design

As business designers we optimize every element of your business model towards customer experiences and business viability.

Web & Mobile Development


As developers we ship digital platforms and products to end users fast and frequently. We deliver in days, not weeks. 

Content Creation


As content creators we will establish your ultimate inbound marketing channel. We create content that is useful to your potential  customers, attracting them to your website, and retaining existing customers through quality engagement.

Product Design


As product designers we will optimize the user experience and help you making products sustainable for long-term business needs.

Machine Learning


As machine learning experts we turn data into disruptive decision making machines. Artificial intelligence platforms perform complex tasks in a way that is similar to how humans solve problems. But faster and based on evidence.    

Digital Marketing


As Digital Marketers we promote brands to connect with customers digitally and fill your sales funnel. 



Let's have a cup of coffee together to discuss your strategy in a free coaching session.


The team

We have walked very different paths in life - different nationalities, backgrounds and experiences. But we share the same passion and put our energy in matters bigger than ourselves. You’ll find a team that is deeply committed to work towards mitigating climate change, reducing and eliminating carbon emissions and creating an overall impact in society through digital solutions. 



Product & Growth

Michael has 25 years of digital product development and entrepreneurship under his belt with big brands like Boehringer-Ingelheim, ING and GMX. He is the co-founder, advocate for climate positivity and Chief Happiness Officer at Silicon.Garden.



Experience & Design

Energy Engineer in another life, UX and Service Designer. He has worked extensively in several energy and sustainability startups and projects as a UX/UI Designer, User Researcher and Climate Impact Forecast coach.



Design & Strategy

Creative Direction, Design Management, UX, Building creative teams, Pushing for innovation and change. Taking care for why and how.

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