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Michael Laussegger

I help supercharge people and planet-positive innovation with digital ventures. As the founder and Chief Enablement Officer at Silicon.Garden, I'm a committed team and customer success manager. With 30 years of experience in digital business, I have never had a "real job." I founded my first company when I was still a student. I am a lover of Open Space, Bar Camps, and Design Jams, a dad, an occasional speaker, and writer.

The web, art, and the creative power of agile teams inspired me early on. Almost 30 years ago, I founded my first startup to improve knowledge work with wikis. I created the first online store for kite surfing gear in Austria and jumpstarted the Agile Community in Vienna.

I have two children and live in Vienna, or in a VW bus somewhere on the beach.

#venturethinking #venturebuilding #lean #agile #design #remote #play

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