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Focus on Humans.

Climate Positive Now. 

At Silicon.Garden, we're all about clean and fair economy life. We wanna make sure the impact we have on this world is a good one, ya feel me? So, we've taken steps to compensate for all the greenhouse gases that come from our crew and operations. And get this, the numbers don't lie, we're totally climate positive! But, let's keep it real, climate action is a bit more complicated than just crunching numbers. So, let's chat it up and make moves to save this planet right now, not just for some distant future! Here's how we're doin' it:


We're totally offsetting all the greenhouse gases that come from our peeps, both at work and play! *)


Say goodbye to the daily grind of rush hour traffic and unnecessary business trips, yo! We're all about that work from anywhere life, which means we're drastically reducing our carbon footprint.


We run our own infrastructure on renewables.


We encourage animal free diet across all facilities in use. 


We're makin' moves to offset all the big sources of emissions that come from our biz, like travel and cloud services. It's all about being eco-friendly and doin' our part to save the planet! *) 


We're keepin' it green by using climate neutral cloud services for all our video and storage needs! Ain't no need to harm the planet when we can be eco-friendly and still get the job done, right?


Hey, this Wix site ain't exactly the most eco-friendly thing out there, but it's a killer way to spread our message far and wide! And don't worry, we're taking steps to offset all the greenhouse gases it's churning out. Plus, we even left our digits here for the Wix crew to hit us up when they're ready to make moves towards being carbon neutral. Let's all work together to save the planet, one website at a time!

*) Presently, we are providing compensation of 12 tons per person annually for our workforce and for the utilization of non-climate-neutral commodities and amenities. This sum suffices to offset the average emissions per individual in OECD countries. Our compensation scheme is solely administered through trustworthy partners who are able to substantiate the genuine effect of their compensation initiatives, as we firmly believe that tree planting is not a comprehensive solution. Currently, all compensation is being performed through the renowned organization, atmosfair

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