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The best place to work is Anywhere

At Silicon.Garden, we're all about tackling big ol' world problems with a worldwide mindset. That's why we're all about Work From Anywhere vibes. And trust us, there's plenty of perks in it for you, friend!

Work With Top Creative Talent

Let's be real here, the perfect job or employee might not be chillin' right next door. But hey, no worries, that's all good in the hood!

Save Cost

Ain't no need to stress about office space and all that jazz when folks can work from home sweet home, amirite? Plus, rates can vary hella depending on where you're at in the world.

Reach Your Global Target Market

Yo, this world is coming together on the interwebs. Being offline is like the new "workin' from the moon" - totally outta this world, dude!

Revive Rural Areas

Folks are choosing to live wherever they want, even in places that may have lost some of their brainiacs in the past. Some peeps are movin' back to be with their homies and kin, while others are jet-setting off to see all that the world has to offer.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Say goodbye to rush hour traffic and unnecessary business trips, yo! We're all about that video call life - it's eco-friendly and convenient AF. Check out more about our sustainable approach, homie!

Repurpose Cities

Yo, let's reimagine cities as happy hubs of social life. Who says we gotta be there just to grind away at work all day?

Integrate Work and Family Life

Workin' from wherever the heck we want means we can totally hack our daily routines and have way more time for the important things, like hangin' with the fam and squad. 

Gain Full Control of Your Work Life

Get your work on wherever the heck you please - at home, at a chill co-working spot, or even at your fave coffee joint. Having the freedom to choose means we can all bring our A-game.

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